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CH-SSH Side sealing handle bag making machine

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Length of bag making(height of the bag)250-750mm
Width of bag making250-600mm
Top folded50-75mm
Bottom insert20-70mm
Speed of bag makingSoft loop handle bag60pcs/min
Patch handle bag60pcs/min
Poly draw strings bag65pcs /min
Die cut bag80pcs /min
Total power13KW
Machine weight3500kg
Machine dimension8200X3100X1870mm
Air compressor (not included)6HP


This machine has four functions (soft loop handle bag, patch handle bag, poly draw handle

bag, die cut handle bag). It is coupled with machinery ,light ,electronic and pneumatic

Optional equipment:

① single sheet film folding unit, hydraulic loading device (connect or fission)

② Top folding continuously sealing device

③ Bottom seal knife + double seal knife

1. Flexible soft loop handle and patch film feeding system,fully automatic

2. Pre-sealing knife ,heated on double sides and strong for fusing,to make the bags without deformation

3. The best quality of Italian side sealing knife, Heated to high temperatures not deformation

4. Newly design of sealing knife top lift and turn over system

5 .Its designed by heating punching  and it's easy to cut off, the waster is excluded automatic

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