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Double Stage Recycling Machine

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Main screw diameter (mm)130150180210
Main engine screw speed55-6050-5545-5040-45
Screen change motor power1.52.233
The power of the matching granulator1.11.52.23
Production capacity (kg/h)100-150150-200200-300300-500

Double stage recycling machine is a equipment to produce plastic glumes by extruding, cooling and cutting particles of polyethylene (plastic film, beverage bottle, lining bag, etc.) or polypropylene (old woven bag, packing bag, tie rope, non-woven fabric, etc.). The production of spikelets is widely used, and is the preferred model for waste plastics recycling industry.

This equipment is matched with the crushing machine cutting machine. The broken and cleaned plastic, without air drying, can be directly put into the extrusion granulation, the process is simple, the process is advanced, and it is suitable for the different waste plastics using electric network (which can choose the hydraulic net changing device). The heater of automatic temperature control and national energy saving patent is less electricity, no pollution and high automation.

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