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CHSJ-ME Series Economic Film Blowing Machine

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ModelM-40/600  M-45/600
Film widthT-shirt bag150-300mm  150-400mm
Flat bag100-450mm  150-450mm
Film thickness0.006-0.10mm0.006-0.10mm
Max output30g/h   50kg/h
According to different width,thickness of film, die size and raw material characteristics to change
Diameter of screwΦ40,30/1   Φ45,30/1
SACM 645 ,bimetallic ,five years guarantee
Main motor11kw   18.5kw
100% Original three-phase variable frequency motor  Equipped with inverter control
Take up roller(mm)500mm 600mm
Weight1300kg  1400kg
Machine size2.2×1.4×2.52.2×1.4×2.5

Note:the above specifications,dimensions&design characteristics are subject to change without notice

Optional device:

Automatic Hopper Loader

Film Surface Treater

Rotary Die

Oscillating Take Up Unit


Heat Slitting Device

EPC(Edge Position Control)

Electronic Tension Control

Manual mechanics screen changer

1. the whole machine is square structure

2. traction inverter control, host frequency conversion control, (optional fan frequency control, winding frequency control) 100% inverter motor + frequency converter control

3. Full enclosed overtemperature cooling device

4. brand  Industrial electricity

5. Lambdoidal board

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