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CHSJ-GP Garvure Printing Machine

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Type CHSJ-GP-6600 CHSJ-GP-6800 CHSJ-GP-61000
Effective  Printing  Width600mm 800mm1000mm
Max.  Width  of  Web620mm820mm1020mm
Max. Printing  Speed80m/min80m/min80m/min
Max. Mechanical  Speed100m/min100m/min100m/min
Max. Diameter  of  Unwind/Rewindф600mmф600mmф600mm
Internal  Diameter  of  Roll  Coreф76mmф76mmф76mm
Diameter  o f  Printing  Cylinderф70~ф270mmф70~ф270mmф70~ф270mm
Accuracy  of  Registration±0.2mm±0.2mm±0.2mm
Tension  Control  Range3~25kg/Full Width3~25kg/Full Width3~25kg/Full Width 
Heating  Power  of  Oven28.8kw36kw 43.2kw
Total  Power38.6Kw47.5 Kw56.6Kw
Weight  of  Machine8500kg9500 kg10500 kg
Overall  Dimension9300x2300x2300mm  9300x2500x2300mm9300x2700x2300mm

This machine is suitable for printing roll plastic film, non-woven cloth, thin leather, paper,aluminum foil, cloth and various soft packages with excellent performance and it is a kind of ideal printing equipment for wine box, shoe bag, milk film and vest bag.

1. The latest improved gear box, 360°non-stopping registration device. 2. Pneumatic doctor blade, transverse reciprocating motion. 
3. Closed type oven, automatic constant temperature system. 4. Side and up double drying oven system 
5. Unwinding and in feeding equipped with auto tension controller and magnetic powder brake. 
6. Rewinding and out feeding adopt magnetic powder clutch to control the tension.
7. Turret type unwinding and rewinding mechanism, receiving and replacing material without stopping the machine.
8. Inflatable air shaft for unwinding / rewinding material loading 9. Printing linear speed and meter indication.
10. Pneumatic printing impress roller and traction impress roller. 11. Pneumatic nip roller for in feeding and out feeding 
12. Main Motor: electromagnetic speed regulation motor

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