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CH-BG Garment bag making machine

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Converting thickness0.008-0.1mm0.008-0.1mm0.008-0.1
Servo motor/kw2.2kw3.7kw3.7kw
Power required5.5kw8.5kw10kw
Diamension L*W*H(mm)4200*1730*15004200*1930*15004200*2230*1950
Machine weight1300kg1700kg2000kg

* The specification are subject to be changed for improvement without notice. >

This machine is mainly used to produce dry cleaners hanging pocket (dustproof bag), also can produce clothing bags, socks bag, towel bag, bread bags, jewelry bags, underwear bag, stationery bag supplies, electrical components bag, bamboo wood products bags of plastic film bags.

Performance characteristics of  heat sealing and cutting machine:

1. The whole machine adopts microcomputer control, stepping motor (optional servo motor control system).

2. Pneumatic punch (hanging hole, vent); four, hanging pocket machine special function:

3. Heat sealing lace shoulder, angle adjustable.

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